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OTR is short for 'Old Time Radio', and in the USA cover the period from the 1930s to the 1960s when radio was one of the most popular entertainment medium which people listened to when they got home from work or over the weekends.

When television sets became cheaper and were more accessible to the public in the 1960s, radio dramas, comedies and entertainment were consigned to people's memories.

Since then, radio drama in the USA has made a comeback, albeit with limited success. The term 'New Time Radio' refers to networked radio drama shows that were produced in the decades since the 60s.

In the United Kingdom things did not turn out the same way, despite television taking off in a similar vein to it's popularity in the USA, radio shows still continued, and do continue to this day.

In the USA, most commercial releases of radio shows on compact audio cassette and compact disc has been through the company Radio Spirits, as they purchased the rights to many of the shows some time ago.

Below is a listing of some of my favourite radio shows currently available:

Abbott and Costello (CD Version) - one of the most famous radio teams of the 1940s, they did lots of famous sketches like "Who's on First?"


Abbott and Costello (CD Version)

Bob Hope - Legends of Radio - Bob Hope was one of the first comedians to make full use of the radio medium. This collection presents many of the popular shows.
Legends of Radio: The Greatest Shows of the 20th Century as Selected by Walter Cronkite - a collection on 10 discs of some of the most famous radio shows in the USA. Legends of Radio: The Greatest Shows of the 20th Century as Selected by Walter Cronkite

Old time radio Comedy Favorites - with Jack Benny, Burns & Allen and others


Old-time Radio Detectives & Crime Fighters - featuring Sherlock Holmes, Dragnet, Ellery Queen, Philip Marlowe, The Saint and more... on four CDs (5 hours)
Old-time Radio Science Fiction - some excellent shows here, X Minus One, Suspense, Dimension X and of course the world famous War of the Worlds broadcast by Orson Welles...
Radio Comedy Classics - a selection of classic shows from American radio of the 1930s and 1940s including Bob Hope, Jack Benny and many others. Radio Comedy Classics

Radio Greatest Christmas Shows - just in time for the holidays is this collection of seasonal shows on 10 discs. Radio Greatest Christmas Shows

The Shadow - one of the greatest radio shows in the 1930s and 1940s was The Shadow. Some of the best episodes starred a young Orson Welles, but Bret Morrison and others also contributed excellent episodes of the show. To find out more about The Shadow, click here.

The Shadow: Greatest Radio Adventures (CD Version) - episodes with Orson Welles, Bret Morrison and Bill Johnstone are included in the comprehensive collection. The Shadow: Greatest Radio Adventures (CD Version)
The Shadow (Legends of Radio Series) - A ten disc collection of classic episodes. The Shadow (Legends of Radio Series)
The Ultimate Sherlock Holmes - a great collection of episodes from the classic radio series that have appeared in the USA and England over the years, it includes episodes featuring Basil Rathbone, Tom Conway, Carlton Hobbs, John Gielgud and others. The Ultimate Sherlock Holmes

Superman - before the character gained popularity in the movie serials and television series, the character gained the greatest success with the general public on the radio.

Superman on the Radio- a five CD set of the first 27 Superman radio shows broadcast in the 1940s. Six hours in total
Superman with Batman - a second set of 5 CDs, this time also featuring Batman from 1945,
Stars of Suspense - one the longest running shows in the USA, this collection of 30 CDs includes some of the best episodes from the series.

War of the Worlds - this is the famous broadcast of Orson Welles' Mercury Theatre, which caused panic when it was originally broadcast.

Paul Temple - created by Francis Durbridge. This British detective first appeared on BBC radio in the 1930s in "Send for Paul Temple" (in 1938), and his final story on radio was in 1968 with "Paul Temple and the Alex Affair". The character has also appeared on television, in film and in novels. All of the shows listed below are from the BBC radio shows of the 1950s and 1960s. All of the items below are from Amazon UK.

Paul Temple Collection - this is a boxed set of all of the titles below!
Paul Temple and The Jonathan Mystery - from 1963
Paul Temple and The Alex Affair - from 1968
Paul Temple and the Geneva Mystery - from 1965
Paul Temple and the Gilbert Case - from 1959
Paul Temple and the Lawrence Affair - from 1956